The latest Marquette Poll shows many Wisconsin voters think chronic wasting disease is not spreading, but the DNR says otherwise.

The polls showed 46% believe CWD has stayed the same and 7% believe it is actually decreasing.

According to the DNR, nearly 1,100 deer tested positive for CWD in 2018, versus just 181 a decade ago. In Eau Claire County, three deer tested positive over the past two years.

Health experts say there is no strong evidence the fatal disease could infect humans, but say it is important to be cautious.

“Anytime you have a disease in a wildlife population, it can have bigger implications on the health of the herd overall and a disease like this that’s fatal and contagious from one deer to the next is reason for concern,” said Jess Carstens, area wildlife supervisor with the DNR

In order to monitor CWD, DNR staff will collect samples again during the opening weekend of the nine-day gun season. Staff will be at three locations in Eau Claire County.