BuckBreeders.com is proud to announce Enable USA as a returning sponsor for the DeerWire eNews and BuckBreeders.com website.

Founded by Dr. Joe Ables, Enable USA is a wildlife research and nutritional company that focuses on compiling and conducting research in wildlife and livestock, and has a special interest in whitetail deer research and medicine. Enable USA’s goal is to produce research data for diseases of whitetail deer, enhance reproduction techniques, and increase overall health. Enable USA’s mission is to provide a system by which deer breeders can produce the healthiest herds enabling them to maximize the benefits of the genetic potential of their wildlife and livestock.

Enable USA provides proven products — Enable-Izer, Enable-Izer GOLD, Enable-izer PLATINUM, Enable Fawn Boost paste, and Enable Fawn Support, Enable Bounce Back. For more information on Enable USA and its products, visit www.enable-usa.com

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