It didn’t take long. People are still fighting and dying from the coronavirus. Healthcare workers are still mobilized to slow the spread of the disease. Businesses are closed and people are out of work.

Yet, none of that matters because animal rights activists and hunting elitists are now using the coronavirus as an excuse to shut down deer and elk farming.

Take a look at these excerpts from an article by David Wolf, recently published in the Arizona Daily Sun.

“We are reminded once again what happens when an animal virus mutates and attacks humans. MERS, SARS, H1N1, swine flu are some of the other most recent animal virus attacks we have had to deal with.

Of the 30-plus pathogenic diseases discovered in humans in recent decades, three-quarters are of animal origin. One study estimated that many more viral pathogens in the animal kingdom have potential to infect humans. If wild animal markets continue unabated, outbreaks like SARS and COVID-19 are likely the new norm.

But foreign nations are not the only criminals in this saga. Take a look at CWD.

The discovery of CWD has forced wildlife officials in many states to kill entire captive deer and elk herds in the failed attempt to prevent the spread of CWD to animals outside the pens.

The practice (deer and elk farming) in the U.S. is not like the wild animal markets of China, but we do condone, in many states, the captive farming of deer and elk, with the meat being sold for human consumption.

Should the U.S. and other countries ban the practice of raising deer and elk in small pens for commercial use? While not affecting humans directly, some suggest it will only be a matter of time before CWD changes enough to affect humans.”

This could be a new PR battle looming on the horizon. Be ready.