The Animal Agriculture Alliance released a report detailing observations it made during the Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES), held virtually August 3 – 9. The event was organized and hosted by California-based animal sanctuary Animal Place, which also advocates for a “vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle.”

“The world may be dealing with a pandemic – but that has not stopped animal rights extremists from activist activity targeting farms, processing facilities, retailers and every other link in the food chain,” said Kay Johnson Smith, Alliance president and CEO. “The animal rights movement continues to grow more aggressive while throwing out more outlandish claims that are not backed by science or peer-reviewed research. Our annual conference reports provide everyone in animal agriculture an idea of what is happening within the minds and movement of animal rights extremism.”

Animal Place announced its virtual conference after the cancellation of the Animal Rights 2020 Virtual National Conference, originally set to be held July 17 – 19 in place of the in-person Animal Rights National Conference initially planned for those same dates in Portland, Oregon.

The event kicked off with a session aimed at convincing viewers animal agriculture was the largest contributor to climate change. “The consumption of animals and animal agriculture is the leading destruction force on our planet today,” said Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of activist media outlet Jane UnChained. Louis Psihoyos, filmmaker and director of The Game Changers, a documentary promoting a vegan diet, took it a step further adding, “It’s the thing that’s killing us the most – eating of animal products. It’s hurting the planet the most and by the way, it’s responsible for the current pandemic.” Animal rights groups have consistently attempted to pin the current pandemic on animal agriculture, even though leading research shows it originated from wildlife.